Manage Notifications

Suite Subscriptions

You can use the "subscribe" button at the top-right corner of the suite page to subscribe to any given suite to be notified about the status of its future versions.
Touca Test Case Overview page
By default, only the team member who originally created the Suite is subscribed to it.

Email Notifications

When all the test results are submitted for a new version of the a given suite, the server automatically sends a summary report of the comparison results for that version to the team members who are subscribed to the suite.
Sample email when version matches baseline
If there are potential differences the email would contain a summary of those differences found between the new version and the baseline version of our suite. We can always click on "View Results" to inspect the differences on the Touca server, in more detail.
Sample email when version has differences
The server can also notify us when a member of our team promotes a given version of our workflow as the new baseline of our suite.
Sample email when new version is promoted
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